giovedì 6 ottobre 2016

What is a champion..

In my opinion a champion is someone that cultivates his passion, a dream which becames true.
We must never resign and stop dreaming even if there will be many difficulties .I think that an example of champion is Steve Jobs: he was fired from Apple but this event was the best think that could have happened because he created his own company and was very successeful and he was been the best important business man of the world.

                                                           What is a champion

I believe that a champion is like a leader, an example to follow.
A champion drag their team to victory even in difficult situation.
A champion is a winner also out of the game, in life.
i'd like to be a champion, a leader in my team to be considered the best.
In the world there are many people that can be considered a champions:
Ronaldo, Messi, the football.
In the olympics there are: Bolt, Shields, Kipchoge...


                                          A CHAMPION I A FORMIDABLE PERSON


                                                                                                        Federico Accettura
                                                                                                         Nicola Capozzo
In my opinion champions are not only people who win cups or prices but
they are also people who do good deeds : THE COPS , THE PEOPLE 
For example doctors apre champions because they save every day 
people or children. Each of us is and can bevo e a Champion.
Mi Champion is Nicholas Winton as during second world war,
he tomo part to a humanitarian organization, he oragnized the 
vescue of 669 Jewish children intended ti the death camps.