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The movie "BIG FISH" deals with the difficult relationship between the father, Edward Bloom, and his son Will. 
The father loves to tell stories about his past life but they are very strange and unlikely to happen. All people appreciate his stories very much except for his son. He can't belive that these stories are true. For example, he tells a story about a giant who decides, with the help of Edward Bloom, to stop in a scary town. 
Then, for example, there's a story about the eye of the witch who can tell you how and when you are going to die. 
He tells also the story about a town called "SPECTRE" where the roads are covered by grass, all people walk around without shoes and time never goes. 
Will thinks that his father is a poor and pathetic person and he goes far away from him. He comes back three years after when he knows that his father is dying of cancer. 
Will tries to understand what is real and what is fiction in his father's stories. 
At the end he leaves his dying father in the lake and he becomes a big fish. 
"BIG FISH" is a fantastic film directed by the famous and brilliant TIM BURTON and the story comes from a novel written by DANIEL WALLACE. Actually we really like this film because it gives us a lesson for our life.

"PICTURE (big fish)"

This film is a fantastic film👍🏻🐬 

 This tall  man will be an actor🙂

This is a fish-woman🎣

He finds his love❣

This two girls  are good singers💃🏻💃🏻🎤 

🏆 The  End 🏆

By Giorgia, Mek and Fabrizio
1st Grade - Middle School

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